Below are products and case studies/ applications relating to the treatment of water. Contact us for more info!

We are able to provide a wide variety of Standard to Customised Water Treatment, and Purification Solutions such as, but not limited to the following:

Sediment Filtration Systems (Activated Glass Media)
GAC Filtration (Granular Activated Carbon)
Iron Removal Filtration Systems (Birm Media)
MB DI Resin Systems (Mixed Bed Deionisation)
Standard Deionisation Systems (Conventional Dual Column Systems)
High Flow Cartridge Filtration Systems
Standard Domestic to Light Industrial Type Filtration Systems
Micro-Filtration Systems
Ultra Filtration Systems
Nano Filtration Systems
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Desalination Systems
MBR – Membrane Bio-Reactors
UV – Ultra Violet Systems
Ozone – Ozone Generating Systems
CIP Rigs – Systems for CIP Cleaning of Membrane Filtration Plants


All of the above, and a range of other filtration types, and specialised filtration medias can be utilised in any combination to achieve the desired Water Treatment, and Water Quality Parameters desired by the client, in a host of different layouts or formats to suit the clients requirements, such as:

-Loos supply of components and media only for the client to build up their own systems as required
-Standard Free-Standing Skid Mounted Systems
-Containerised Plants, with or without air-conditioners
-Containerised Plants, with or without Solar Power Panels for remote power generation to drive the filtration plants

Water sources that can be treated range from Local Municipal, or Council Supplies, to Ground Water Sources (Dams / River / Boreholes etc.), to Sea Water for Desalination Systems, as well as Industrial Effluent Streams (Waste Water Recovery)

Industries will range from Hospitality, to Industrial Sites, Pharmaceutical Plants, Irrigation for Farmers, Drinking Water Plants for Remote Settlements and Islands, Mining, Power Generation Plants, Food And Beverage Plants, Bottled Water Providers, etc. (Really anybody or process that requires treated, filtered, or purified water sources for potable or process improvement).

Flow rates are really almost unlimited from small systems of a few hundred litres p/hr., to many MLD (Mega Litres p/day) – 1 MLD is 1 000 000 lt’s p/day