CEO Steven Harmsen drives this successful company, his achievements acknowledged by many in the waste processing industry for his problem-solving abilities and attention to detail.

KIFF SYSTEMS supplies, handling, processing and manufacturing equipment for the metal and general waste recycling industry.  We also offer manufacturing lines for plastic and rubber industries.

With over a hundred manufacturers we represent include Europe, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia. We supply specialised equipment tailor-made to meet your production requirements.

We provide waste consulting services to assist you with selecting equipment that will best suit your processing and manufacturing lines, including customised modular systems that can be inserted into your current operations.


  • Handling, processing and manufacturing equipment
  • Consulting and problem solving through innovative ideas
  • Modular systems for compactness and efficiency
  • Research, development and cost of operations
  • Installation, commissioning and training
  • Aftersales service and support